Microsoft OneDrive: The personal cloud service by Microsoft

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The cloud as personal and professional service is one of the most important tools internet offers at present time, allowing users and businesses to store and save information in a very secure way, on specialized servers that avoid risks on losing data thanks to hardware failure and more. 

Due to this influence, plenty of online and internet companies are offering cloud storage with personal and professional focus, and Microsoft is one of them with a proper solution that provides free and paid plans; we are talking about the Microsoft OneDrive platform. 

What is Microsoft OneDrive? 

In details, Microsoft OneDrive is the personal and professional cloud-based service, which allow users in general, corporations and organizations to enjoy of virtual hard drives and cloud with available storage to save all types of files; from movies and photos to documents and compressed archives and more. 

The saved files are available later with an online connection and can be downloaded in any device. This has plenty of benefits, being one of them the possibility to protect data from hardware failure and corruption respecting hard drives and SSDs, since when these units are damaged data is possible to be unrecovered and mean great expenses. 

Other advantage is that Microsoft OneDrive can be used in plenty of mobile devices and also online, through internet browser and official web page. To access, users, organizations and companies can obtain their files using their credentials respecting Microsoft account, which allow to sync the service with other platforms available. 

For example, sent and received attachment files in Outlook are saved using the personal and corporate storage space available in OneDrive, as well as documents generated in Office 365. It is also possible to save personal information and sync it between the Microsoft platforms, thanks to OneDrive and the personal account. 

Different plans to use respecting Microsoft OneDrive

Being a professional and personal cloud solution online, Microsoft offer different plans respecting OneDrive depending on the needs of the users, organizations and corporations. The first plan is the one that is free and is given at the moment users open their new Microsoft account, with up to 5 GB of available space, including file attachments and emails. 

Now, other personal and professional plans include a monthly quote, but amazing storage capacity that can go up to 6 TB, along with faster downloading speeds and great bandwidth in the case massive files are uploaded and need it to be downloaded on local devices and computers.

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