How to get started with Power BI Windows 10 Phone App

How to get started with Power BI Windows 10 Phone App

Microsoft consider business as a very important part respecting their solutions and designed software, since companies, corporations and enterprises make use of their platforms like Windows and others in a very extensive way. 

That is why; Microsoft has created a new business platform for owners of business to use in Windows 10 and stay productive and obtain a valuable asset, right there in their device to know exactly how to analyze and understand information generated by the company. We are talking about the Power BI Windows 10 Phone app. 

Being a technical tool, this platform includes some functions that are very useful in the business field. Therefore, in the next section we will be showing how to get started with Power BI for Windows 10 Phone App, telling first what the platform is about. 

What is Power BI for Windows 10? 

Specifically, Power BI is a specialized software in the form of an app for Windows 10, which is focused on showing business and financial information, such as reports, dashboards and other data like trends and numbers in a way the user can understand and share easily. 

Power BI is a touch-based and completely compatible software with devices running Windows 10, like phones, PCs and laptops, along with tablets. In this way, information is shown clear and in color, with the use of graphics that make the data more understandable and very easy to share as well.

How to use the Power BI platform? 

To start using the Power Bi platform to bring the business data together respecting a company, there is the need to have a proper account related. The process to do that is signing up in the web version of the Power Bi platform online. 

When the account is created and the user is logged in, the next step is to download the actual Power BI app from the Microsoft Store in the device running Windows 10. When the app is downloaded on the device is ready to be used, since it gets synced automatically with the data and account on the web belonging to the user. 

Like this is very easy to start using the reporting services, KPIs and obtain SQL server reporting services. Dashboards and apps related to business and tools are also available in Power Bi, as useful software to obtain and get the most out of this specialized platform for Windows 10, offering benefits to the companies and businesses. 

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