Wikisource Search Tips and Tricks

Wiki source is a large scale online free content library, and as every other library, it can be searched.The search is simple, and it can be done either through an outside search engine, such as google or by using a Special:Search page.Once on the “Special:Search” page, there are a few tips to make search easier, for example, you can use “Special:PrefixIndex” to list all works and sites that start in a specific way. This function is namespace limited, but then again, all the available pages and works belong to the “Main” namespace. If you want to use an outside search engine though, make sure to limit your search to only the results from Wikisource, since otherwise you will get a large number of results stemming from pages other than Wikisource. When using google, this can be done by adding the text “” to your search. When searching using outside search engines, keep in mind that they function differently that the Wikisource native search engine, and might display and rank results differently compared to the Wikisource search engine.You can also simply browse WIkisource to find what you are looking for. All authors available have an author page in the Author namespace.

These author pages will provide links to works by that author. Occasionally you will also find additional info about each work, for example the year of publishing.In a similar way, Wikisource Subjects can be browsed. They can be found either through categories or through portals. The subjects can be the mediums, genres, eras or other groupings. More or less, different rooms or shelves in a real library. They are at the bottom of each page and link to a category page, which shows automatically generated lists of pages that fit the subject.The final tip for finding articles is the simplest. The random search functionality allows jumping to a random article. You can also set it through the special page by using Special:Random and use it for specific namespaces by using Special;Random/namespace.


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