Why Bing Should Be Your Search Engine

Bing is the Microsoft search engine that will meet your needs. After you have tried it, you may never want to use another search engine.

Bing: The Search Engine

Bing replaced Microsoft’s Live Search in 2009. While there are many search engines from which to choose, Bing is the second most popular, ranking only behind Google

There is much about Bing that consumers like. The interface is one example. The neat, clean home page has a background image that changes every day. The home page also provides fast, easy access to Outlook, Microsoft Office Online, MSN, maps, videos, and more.

The search engine will also provide localized results for various services, restaurants, coupons, hotels, and movies. When you are looking for something specific that is in your area, it is the most useful way to search. Bing gives searching a personalized touch.

Bing News

Consumers who set their locations find a wide range of information that is interesting and relevant. This includes thumbnail images that link to news stories consumers want to read. You will find national news, news from around the world, and news from your own location. Topics include weather, politics, entertainment, sports, and much more.

Bing Maps

Bing maps make it easy to find specific locations. You can also track distances between different locations, and find the best routes to reach your destination.

The maps provide additional information to make travel a better experience. As an example, you will know about the traffic conditions along your route before you leave home. This can mean safer driving, and arriving at your destination on time.

Bing: Special Features

Bing offers many special features that customers will appreciate. One example is the Bing Translator. It is a quick, simple process to translate web pages, blocks of text, phrases, or words from one language to another. Currently, there are 60 languages in this system. This feature can be especially useful for students and travelers.

A second feature is a nice assortment of games and quizzes. Individuals of all ages can have fun in their free time.

A third feature is Microsoft Rewards. You can earn points from playing games, taking quizzes, or shopping. You will even earn points when you search with Bing.

You will have a variety of opportunities to use your points. When you accumulate enough points, you can make donations to your favorite charities, buy something at the Microsoft Store, or enter a sweepstakes.

You can also redeem your points for a wide range of gift cards. Some popular examples include AMC Theatres, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle, Target, and Walmart.

Bing’s Microsoft Rewards is a fun way to do something nice for someone, or to treat yourself to something special. Equally important, you will enjoy earning and redeeming points even more because it is 100% free.

Why You Should Choose Bing

If you are like most people, you have been using a search engine that is either plain and boring or complicated. Now is the time to leave other search engines behind, and switch to Bing.

With so many benefits and advantages, there is no reason to use a different search engine. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find it quickly. Bing will make using a search engine an enjoyable experience, each and every time.

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