The Microsoft Surface Line of Product

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Microsoft have been known as a company focused and specialized in software, being the developers of the Windows platform as the most used operating system around the world, along with other successful programs and services provided by the company from Redmond. However, in terms of hardware a few years ago Microsoft only offered PC accessories, until the released of the Surface line of product. 

Details about the Surface line by Microsoft 

The Microsoft Surface line of product is the first hardware-based set of solutions provided by the company in a long time. Being released in 2012, the Surface line came to be a combination between a computer and a tablet, bringing the best of the local and mobile worlds in one device. 

Like this, the user was able to carry a laptop for productivity and emails, and at the same time a tablet for multimedia and content consumption on the go, working as a convertible and versatile device with powerful specs to provide the best performance in the many conditions of use, which can be many due to the characteristics of the first Surface. 

At present time, the Surface brand has grown and involves plenty of new products and devices for different purposes, users and situations, with mobile and local approach and for professional, home and business use, with state-of-the-art design and a unique feel to the line that shows only quality and elegance in every possible way, along with powerful features and latest processors and technology. 

Current available Microsoft Surface devices available 

There are different Surface products in the market released by the company, in order to satisfy as many customers as possible and their situations of use, expectations and needs, whether they are professionals, students, gamers, business men, house keepers and more. 

For example, there is the Surface Laptop 2 with a 13,5 inch touch display perfect for productivity and the latest processors from Intel, as the Core i7 9th Gen series, SSD-based storage and amazing keyboard and track pad that make the different in the creative department for sure. 

For those requiring power on the go, the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Go are two of the most versatile convertibles on the market, with detachable keyboard, touch screen and full versions of Windows 10, along with powerful processor from Intel and long duration batteries. 

And for professionals and gamers who demand the best, with no doubt the Surface Studio 2 is the best option, with a massive 27-inch touch display and dedicated graphics, along with SSD and 10gbps network. 




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