Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle: The convertible to get

Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle: The convertible to get

The Surface lineup is the amazing computer and hardware brand designed by Microsoft, with state-of-the-art look and powerful devices, from PCs for professional use to convertible devices that can turn into tablets and laptops, including every time the latest processors from Intel and other modern solutions. 

Right now, at Microsoft Store there is available the Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle; an incredible price-to-performance value offer that includes a whole array of product for cheaper cost, in comparison if such products were obtained separately. 

What the Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle includes 

Up to three products are included in this bundle of limited time, along with optional choices to select that really increase the potential of the Surface device in terms of productivity, entertainment, usability and more. 

First, obviously being the Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle must include this model of devices, being the latest convertible star computer from Microsoft. In details, this model is compatible with the Type Cover keyboard that is attached to the special connector built-in on the device, so it can be removable. 

In this way, the Surface Pro 6 can be used as a proper and full laptop with an amazing keyboard and a track pad, for productivity and great typing experience. However, for those recreational times of enjoying multimedia content like movies and videos, books and more, to use the Surface as a laptop is also possible, since the keyboard is completely removable. 

Now, speaking about the device itself, the Surface Pro 6 is a high-end mobile computer that includes all the modern features a PC must have, but in a small form factor perfect for on the go purposes. This is thanks to the Intel Core 8th Series processors by Intel that are included. 

The display in the device is an amazing 12, 3 inch PixelSense screen with ultra-high resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio, perfect for productivity purposes and up to 10 touch points for complete multi-touch support. 

The device also include SSD storage for fast response, USB 3.0 connections, powerful graphics and a great battery that may last up to 13 hours on one charge. Of course, the Surface Pro 6 comes with a full Windows 10 Home version. 

Price and options products in the bundle

Right now, the Surface Pro 6 bundle includes the device itself, the Type Cover of color of choice and a one-year Office 365 subscription for free, for only 1559.99 dollars. It is possible to include other optional accessories, such as the Surface Pen and the Surface Arc Mouse.

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