Squarespace is an integrated platform with all the required features to build an online website. It has award-winning templates that are simple, creative, and beautiful to present your ideas to your online users. You can create a professional website, a portfolio or an eCommerce store using Squarespace. It is used and trusted by the best organizations in the world. It has got almost all the features you are looking to create your website, grow and reach out to the audience with ease. Its comprehensive tools give you the power to reach and communicate with your audience that was never easy before.

Squarespace got unlimited hosting, high security, and world-class latest infrastructure to run your website. You can get help from customer support team round the clock to help you in questions regarding Squarespace, its setup, working and any issues you face.

Squarespace has a premium feature that is designed to meet your needs to create a website. Be it a small business or big organization, Squarespace has the required features for creating your website.

It has excellent eCommerce solutions to enable you to create your online store, set up products, shopping cart and integrate payment gateways. The Premium Amazon Block helps you to highlight Amazon referral products with a single click of a mouse. You can use the Custom Announcement bar to display a message to your online users when they visit your site.

You can integrate Mail Chimp which helps you to create email marketing services to reach your wide user base. You can add your custom code to your website using Code Injection. You also get a rich source of forms, newsletter block, applications like Slack, Salesforce with Zapier Integration. It also gives you the flexibility to access the code of Squarespace to allow you to modify and customize to your unique requirements.

The Squarespace has a built-in eCommerce designed to create your online store with ease. It has advanced shipping, payment, and user-friendly checkout page. You can send reminder emails to customers who have abandoned the shopping cart.

Squarespace has supports SEO features, mobile-friendly design, and built-in analytics program to track the performance of your website.



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