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There are many entertainment and news platforms online that allow us to be informed and read about the latest events, product releases, happenings and more, with articles, videos and other type of content that are consumed by many people through their smart phones, tablets, laptops and other handhelds locally or on the go. 

One of these entertainment and news platforms is the IGN webpage, being a specialized website of this sort that is available and used by millions worldwide, with news and posts about different topics and fields. Due to its influence, this platform online also has videos with plenty of views that can be found in the IGN channel at YouTube. 

Talking about the IGN YouTube channel in more detail 

Specifically, the IGN channel at YouTube is the official account from the platform, in which every day are uploaded videos with content about entertainment in general, with special emphasis on movies and video games, showing news about releases, reviews, trailers and even walkthroughs and guides, among other things. 

The IGN channel available in YouTube can be seen as the multimedia version of the IGN official website, taking the content and posts from them and making videos about it that can be very entertaining and informative to watch on the go, especially for those who travel and do not want to read or simply want to sit down and watch content on the channel while they relax.

In fact, it is possible for users to subscribe to the channel and receive newsletters on video and notifications at the moment they upload new content, which is perfect to stay informed and updated about new releases and news that have to do with video games, movies, technology, consoles and more. 

Influence of the IGN Channel at YouTube 

The IGN platform online has great impact, and it happens the same thing respecting the IGN YouTube channel. A huge example is the amount of followers the channel has, with over 12 million and counting. Due to this great number, videos uploaded obtained a lot of views across the world, with content that is frequently viralized thanks to social networks and other online media. 

At the channel users will be able to access different playlists that include videos related to one specific topic, such as a videogame or movie. In this way, it is easier to enjoy content respecting different titles and films of interest by the users in general.

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