Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

A few years ago Skype was bought by Microsoft, as one of the most used systems for communication and chatting in PCs based on internet connection, along with other services like calls and video-calls. At present time, Skype is one of the main software included in the service platform provided by Microsoft for free and using only one credential or email from Outlook or Hotmail. 

Skype is available to be used in many devices and operating systems, such as Windows as obvious compatible platform where it can be downloaded as an app or traditional program. In the same way, it is possible to use Skype in devices running Android or iOS, Xbox consoles and others, performing its function more or less similar between them. 

Now, in many cases users may have issues respecting using Skype, especially when it comes to signing in or log in using their accounts. In the next section we will be troubleshooting problems signing into Skype, showing different methods to solve inconveniences at the moment of entering the credentials to open session. 

Solving problems logging in on Skype 

If users have issues accessing their accounts on Skype, there are different procedures to troubleshoot and fix the problem, since there might be several reasons causing it that can be solved easily, usually having to do with bad connection or other simple causes than actual failures in the Skype platform. 

First of all, before getting into the actual troubleshooting respecting signing in, there are other aspects that must be checked. For example, whether the users are accessing from computers, laptops or mobile devices, it is always recommendable to have the latest Skype version of the software. 

Also, checking that the device used meets with the minimal requirements to run the software is also valuable, along with the proper presence of hardware and software drivers. Test proper internet connection is also recommendable. Checking all of this information and components usually fix the problems respecting signing in. 

If not, it is time to start troubleshooting different specific aspects to find the issue. There is a possibility that the user might have forgotten the password or email to access. In this case, clicking on “Forgot password” is the way to go to generate a new one. 

If the user knows that password and email account are correct but still impossible to sign in, the next step is to know if for some reason the account is restricted or suspended. This may happen for security reasons where the account is opened in multiple devices. So, the procedure is to log out from all such devices to check if that is the reason. 

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