Cortana not hearing me at Windows 10

At the moment Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, one of the main functions and novelties that caused hype was Cortana; the entry of the first smart voice assistant on a Windows platform, as a feature that is now an absolute necessity for most users, due to the ease that brought in terms of performing different actions with voice commands at the same time. 

Now, over the years Cortana has been a great success and received plenty of updates that has improved its performance and reliability. Nonetheless, in some cases there may problems regarding Cortana no hearing us at Windows 10 at some moments. 

Today we will be learning how to solve those issues with Cortana and more, in the easiest way possible and with actions that do not require advanced knowledge in Windows as operating systems, being possible for them to be carried out by anyone.

Describing possible problems with Cortana 

Cortana is the smart voice assistant provided by Microsoft in Windows 10, being brought directly from the mobile platform Windows 10 Mobile and also Halo, which was actually the voice assistant for the soldiers in the game. 

So, being a voice assistant Cortana is in the need of hearing you to function and perform the commands. In case the assistant cannot hear you, there may be some issues that cause this behavior. 

For example, if the computer or device does not react through Cortana at the moment of speaking, there is the possibility the microphone is off or its driver is not present. Without a microphone the assistant will not work in any way. 

On the other hand, if Cortana actually detects voice and reacts to it but it does not perform any action, there might problems with an update or app installed that is interfering. 

Solving Cortana issues about not hearing commands 

If Cortana is not hearing commands, one way to solve the issue is to make sure there is a microphone installed, activated and selected on the OS. To perform this check, just click on the Start menu button in Windows 10, and then write the word “Microphone” and from the results choose “Set up a Microphone”. Follow the steps from there. 

In case there is not a microphone present or shown on the result list, instead you write the phrase “Manage audio devices”, then go to the “Recording” tab and select a microphone. In case nothing appears, you need to install drivers corresponding to the model of your computer, downloading them from the official site.

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