Details about Hella Group

When it comes to the automotive world of spares and auto-parts, there are just a few companies that really stand out, respecting actual innovation and influence on the segments of lighting, electronics and mechanical parts of vehicles and their manufacturing. Definitely, one of this companies if the known enterprise of Hella Group, meeting all of the characteristics called before. 

In the section we will be talking about the Hella Group in detail, as a company that is known for its part and role in the innovation of manufacturing, sale and performance of different automotive parts, making one of the best in its niche for several years with no doubt. 

What is the Hella Group? 

Specifically, the Hella Group is a company specialized in the manufacturing of different products related to the automotive industry, in terms of spares, lighting hardware, electronic components and more, which provide plenty of functions for vehicles that help them to be safer and meet with different legal standards and more. 

However, the manufacturing and creation of different products and solutions is not the only activity this company performs. In fact, it is known as an enterprise that invest millions of dollars, human force and other resources in the innovation of its respective field, in order to improve products and their manufacture every year. 

In this way, innovation is guaranteed and solutions get better and better with time, being cheaper to manufacture and with less environment load, optimizing all the processes involved. 

Hella Group is a company that is more than 100 years old, created and settled in Germany but present in more than 30 countries and surpassing 40.000 workers worldwide, with great commitment in their work represented by a company that actually is concerned about its users in general, providing the best solutions for their cars in electronics and lighting hardware. 

Different products by Hella Group 

The Hella Group as enterprise is known for products and solutions respecting what they call Core Competences, gathering the first-class and state-of-the-art lighting, electronics and aftermarket hardware for different purposes in the vehicle. 

All of these products can be acquired by wholesale industries and also retailers from all over the world, if they have the interest on providing their users with the hardware manufactured by the company. And of course, for those car and automotive aficionados Hella Group has a space for them, with different parts of vehicles like caravans, Off-Road cars, trucks and many more. 

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