Century Link Investor Relations at NYSE


When it comes to networks, IT and technology companies in general, there are a few that are quite recognized and famous globally, due to their solutions and place in the field and millions of users and a good name behind it. One of these companies focused in technology and connectivity is the CyberLink Company. 

The CyberLink enterprise is one of the biggest businesses in the world respecting the segment of IT, communication and connectivity, with a great array of solutions that can be acquired in more than 200 countries worldwide, with over 50.000 employees in the five continents. 

Due to this influence, it is logical to suppose that a company of this sort is included in important indexes worldwide, such as S&P 500 and Fortune 500. Nevertheless, it does not end there and a company like this have great financial influence that can be seen in exchange markets like NYSE, and that is why the company offers the Century Link Investor Relations segment on its webpage. 

Knowing more about CenturyLink 

To understand better the global influence a company like CenturyLink has in terms of economy and how it behaves on stock markets and indexes, it would be valuable to know more details about what they do as a worldwide group and their solutions for the technology, communication and general digital niches. 

Specifically, CenturyLink is an enterprise focused on the development and sale of technological solutions in the digital field, respecting communication, networks, cloud products and managed services. All of these possibilities are available worldwide and involve state-of-the-art platforms and innovations. 

The strength of the company is definitely the voice-based and internet solutions, such as VoIP, local and long-distance telephony, dedicated and managed hosting for online services and webpages, data integration and many more. Because of these many solutions provided, CenturyLink is an enterprise with great financial impact on indexes and stock exchanges in the world. 

Stock markets, indexes and CenturyLink Investor Relations 

Though the CenturyLink Investor Relations, users, customers and people related to the company can know about the status and numbers, by accessing easily through the official website. In this way, trends and official figures can be studied and the influence the enterprise has for the market, and how these are represented in the indexes and stock markets. 

At present time, CenturyLink is included in the S&P index and also its shares are shown every day at the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE.

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