Seattle Travelguide: the best way to know museums, parks and more

Once a dull port, Seattle has undergone a fascinating transformation into the busiest city in Washington State. Its flourishing economy has made it not only a forward-looking but also an energetic city. Seattle occupies a narrow isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound.

The city is beautiful and rich in culture, and it’s not an accident that Seattle is favorite among travelers. Also, it environmentally conscious offers lots of trails for word-class zoo and biking to tourists.

Don’t forget about world-known museums, beautiful hotels, and exquisite urban green areas that could be perfect for your vacation. Don’t let the climate to scare you; Seattle is home for boat tours and recreational spaces, among other attractions.

Additionally, the city features an outstanding mounting setting. It’s worth to spend a couple of weeks exploring Seattle. Parks, beaches, and camping provide a great travel experience. In this Seattle Travelguide, we’ll identify its Seattle main attractions.

EMP Museum

You’ll learn about contemporary pop culture at the EMP Museum, which mostly combines sci-fi and music.

Founded 19 years ago by Paul Allen, who is also a Microsoft’s co-founder, EMP provides battle for film festivals, bands competitions and changing exhibits around the world and the United States.

Touches of horror and fantasy, scientific fiction literature, and video games are all found here. The museum includes rare artifacts, hand-on activities from a sculpture made from 500 guitars and pop music.

Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park is found at the slopes of the Cascade Mountains. As a well-renowned tourist attraction, this park is the most tranquil area in Downtown Seattle.

The place is always free and open throughout the year. The park usually hosts yoga, so explore their online schedule before buying the ticket. To mention, the park consists of a 1-acre outdoor beach and sculpture museum.

Grab some seafood dishes and head to Olympic Sculpture to take in the best panoramic views as you breathe fresh air.

Washington State Ferries

If you’ve ever heard about the most extensive ferry system in America, then visit Seattle. The Washington Ferry System will influence you to be a ferry fanatic.

Big ferries carry tourists and residents to work. As a visitor, you can hop from Vashon Island to Seattle’s waterfront for shopping and lunch. Moreover, you can carry your camera and view the charming sea waves without hassle.

The fleet’s boats travel between Bainbridge Island, and Seattle provides a combination of sophisticated amenities and rural charm. The route is not exorbitantly expensive but varies seasonally.

Pike Place Market

We’ve heard about big markets in the US, and Pike Place is probably the most popular. It started in the early 1900s to regulate the rising prices of vegetables and onions in stores.

Today, this market is phenomenal and draws many tourists from Seattle and other states. Tasty and gorgeous fresh produce are in bulk. Also, fish fly is never scarce through the air cheese.

Funky boutiques are in large numbers on lower floors, while bread and cheese shops are everywhere across the street. Situated in downtown Seattle, Pike Place is open daily. Tourists love the market because they always find something unique in the stores.

To sum up, let your vacation this year be fantastic. Well, the one to remember. Seattle’s most historic and iconic attractions offer incredible travel experience.

Big markets, parks state ferries, beaches, mountain views are attractive and appealing. Seattle remains to be a good-looking site to visit.

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