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Bing Videos: The multimedia platform by Microsoft

Videos and multimedia content are of the main reasons why users and people in general spend time on the internet, since there are plenty of platforms and webpages in which is possible to enjoy videos and more, completely free. This is only increasing due to the tendency about using mobile devices that make easier and […]

Square Root of 123 on Mathwarehouse

What is the Square Root of 123 on Mathwarehouse? You can easily find the square root in radical form after you visit the website. The online tool makes it easy for you to calculate the square root. Apart from calculating the square root, there are also several other features which make the tool stand out. […]

Office Login: Take advantage the most of Office by Microsoft

Many people are creating amazing things through their computers and mobile devices, from videos and content creation to videogames and drawing or photo editing, everybody is up to something incredible to show.  Now, beside all of these amazing purposes and software platforms to work with and create incredible outcomes, there are always the productivity solutions […]

Why Bing Should Be Your Search Engine

Bing is the Microsoft search engine that will meet your needs. After you have tried it, you may never want to use another search engine. Bing: The Search Engine Bing replaced Microsoft’s Live Search in 2009. While there are many search engines from which to choose, Bing is the second most popular, ranking only behind […]

Microsoft Edge Tips: get to know all its new features

Microsoft Edge is new browser from Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. It comes with Windows 10 installation with new interface and lot of new features which are innovative and fun. It helps you to increase your productivity in browsing, stay organised and safe. In the sections below, you can find Microsoft Edge tips and their […]


Squarespace is an integrated platform with all the required features to build an online website. It has award-winning templates that are simple, creative, and beautiful to present your ideas to your online users. You can create a professional website, a portfolio or an eCommerce store using Squarespace. It is used and trusted by the best […]

Control your privacy at Microsoft

Microsoft provides you the information and controls to set you how your private need to or not to be collected and used by Microsoft. Microsoft uses the collected data to improve or upgrade their product and services, make new decisions and also analyze the performance. You can control the type and levels of private data […]