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Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites on the internet, in terms of finding knowledge, general information and concepts about practically every topic you can think of. That is why; Wikipedia as an online platform is a page where the content can be improved by people who know about the written content and subject, with a sense of community and crowd-making. 

With more than fifty million articles, the Wikipedia includes knowledge virtually about any topic, person, organization or any other, thanks to its time live in cyberspace and a community of developers and editors that make the platform very rich in relation to content, and also very easy to reach for queries and consultations, in many languages and for free. 

Concepts to find are very wide and extensive, and depending on the language there may be more or less information to consult. Here is how you can use the tool utilizing the example of “US State” at Wikipedia as example. 

Finding the concept of US State at Wikipedia 

Using the Wikipedia to find the concept is very easy. We can do it by entering the URL address, and on the search bar type the concept or topic to access information and articles about it. In this case, by entering the keywords “US State” automatically the platform shows the result and article respecting this concept specifically. 

Now, for those users who feel a lot more comfortable searching for information online using search engines like Google or Bing, it is possible to find Wikipedia articles very easily. Usually, at the moment of typing a keyword, in this case “US State”, on any browser the first results to appear will include the Wikipedia page related to the article of the keyword, if exists. 

However, writing on the search engine´s bar the concept to search and the word “Wikipedia” will work every time and this will make the Wikipedia article related to appear on the first result. 

Reading the found concept on the Wikipedia 

When you find the article of interest on the Wikipedia, you will be able to see that there is some sort of order on the articles, which include intro, index and the next sections. This is the best way to show content and read large articles. 

For example, if we read the US State concept on the Wikipedia, we can see that there is an intro where it is explain that every state on the United States is an independent constitutional political entity, which is joined with the other states of the country through the federal government.

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