People App: Help to learn how to use the app

People App: Help to learn how to use the app

Windows 10 is a comprehensive platform in which people are able to perform different actions and tasks, as well as taking advantage of certain functions. For example, having contacts on the platform is very easy to consult information like email addresses, mobile and local numbers, social network networks and more. This application in Windows 10 is the People App. 

However, the People app as software includes plenty of options for organizing and consulting information from the different contacts added, and this means that for some people such availability of options may be a little overwhelming. That is why; Microsoft offers the People App: Help website to learn how to use the app and consult related information in case of doubts. 

In this way, taking advantage of the app will be a lot simpler respecting all the functions included available on the app. In the next section will be explained how to use the People app. 

People app: Description and functions 

In more details, the People app is an address book that allow users to save contacts and all related information about them, from mobile and local phone numbers to email addresses, websites and other types of valuable date to have in the computer. The People app comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and is possible to include it as a shortcut button on the task bar on either system. 

Also, the People app as software works alongside with Mail and Calendar apps all together, so from one platform is possible to perform function from the other and exchange information, making easier to send emails to personal contacts, add events and send messages, all at once and in a very simple way. 

From scheduling appointments to keep in touch with love ones and exchange information, these are options available in the People app that is synced with Mail and Calendar platforms in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. 

Adding new contacts and more on the People app 

Taking advantage of all the functions the People app has is possible by adding contacts. To do so, the first step is to open the platform by clicking on the “People” app on the Start menu. When the app is running, the next step is clicking on the icon “+” and then will be possible to add information like name, email address, mobile phone numbers and other data. The last step is to click on “Save” and the contact is saved.

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