Desmos: The online scientific calculator

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Internet allows us to use different resources and tools that make our lives easier with no doubt, since webpages can work as simple blogs of information or as complex service platforms that provide amazing possibilities. Example of that are academic sites and social networks, chatting rooms, e-commerce stores and more, all of these available in online platforms. 

In fact, websites can be designed to offer a very specific purpose and function, having as main advantage to work under an internet browser and working connection, without the need to download and install any software, as processes that not all users known or are willing to carry out. 

For instance, in terms of calculators you can use the Desmos online scientific calculator to perform advanced mathematical operations and more. 

How the Desmos scientific calculator works 

In details, the Desmos scientific calculator is a mathematical tool that allows us to perform complex operations, with a simple design and functional layout that makes simple to use it by anyone, from adults to young high school students. Among the characteristics, numbers are shown quite big and there are different options and possibilities available. 

To access this tool designed by Desmos is very easy; you just need to enter the URL address in a window or tab on the internet browser of your choice, and a few seconds later the platform will be available for using. As easy as that and the calculator is compatible with any browser in local and mobile computers. 

Respecting the functions, there are different options that we can use, such as performing basic operations, as well as advanced ones that require tools like Sin, Tan or Cos, square roots, operations with Pi, functions and there is also possibility to write letters to perform algebra operation that are very useful at some point. 

Advantages of the Desmos online scientific calculator 

Desmos as web-based online scientific calculator offers plenty of advantages in comparison to other solutions. First of all, there is no need to install or download anything, since the platform works through the internet browser directly. So, no complex installation or downloads are required at any moment. 

Also, Desmos online scientific calculator is completely free and can be used in smart phones and tablets, regular browsers for PCs and Macs, among other platforms. Also, in case of requiring other calculators the user can load as many as they need, in different browser tabs or windows to carry out multiple operations at once.  


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