Netflix: the most popular streaming service for movies and series

What is Netflix?

Netflix provides users with one of the most popular ways to watch TV, movies and on-demand TV shows. The app has a rich selection of the latest series and movies. All of the video content can be streamed on a computer, smart TV, smartphone, Playstation 4 or Xbox.

Subscription Fees

In order to watch all of your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, you must pay a monthly subscription to use the service.

The monthly fees are:

  • 7.99 USD/month, and you can watch only on 1 screen in normal quality
  • 9.99 USD/month – you can watch on two screens at the same time. For example – you can watch a movie at your home, and one of your friends can watch another show on his phone
  • 11.99 USD/month – you can watch your favorite shows on 4 screens at the same time. HD and ultra HD are available too.
    The first month is usually free for all of the new users.


Initially, the user must choose what monthly subscription package he/she wants and leave a credit card or PayPal details through which he/she will pay for the monthly subscription. You will be informed that your first month is free but after that, the subscription is automatically renewed.

After the sign-up process, you are ready to watch and enjoy one of the thousands of movies and shows on the platform. So if you are a big movie fan Netflix is a really good service for you to use. And the low monthly cost is affordable for people from all parts of the world.

In which countries is Netflix available?

Netflix says it is available in over 200 countries. However, the streaming service will not be available in North Korea, and Syria, due to regulations of the US government on US companies and organizations.

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