Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft’s latest Operating System

Windows 10 is currently the latest operating system released by Microsoft, originally released on the July of 2015.

The well-known successor of Windows 8.1 is one of the best widely spread operative system at the moment for desktop computers after Windows 7, without considering server computers which are mostly based on some sort of Linux distribution.

Windows 10 includes a huge amount of improvements from their previous versions, such as the Cortana software which allows us to introduce orders to the system via voice or having literally the same requirements than the now 10 years old Windows 7, while showing significant advances on overall visual design and in-depth configuration.

It includes as well a huge repertory of programs available to download anywhere, anytime, with the Microsoft Store, which wasn´t included in older Windows operating systems.

There is a good amount of applications oriented to productivity or general purpose usefulness but we must say there is also a good amount of updated, high quality games to just have fun with!

It also improved the overall compatibility between devices, finally giving a good experience on tablets by properly adapting the visual interface, this is something Microsoft claimed on Windows 8 and 8.1 but it really wasn’t quite there yet in many cases. Now it doesn’t matter what type of tablet you have that you will find a good version to use with!

One of my favourite updates from older version is the new and highly improved browser Microsoft Edge. It’s fast and it has multiple useful features, being the daily news of your local region the best one by far.

In conclusion, i feel like Windows 10 was a good operative system to be released and it’s definitely one of the most advanced operating systems currently in the market.

It will for sure stay on the top for a good amount of years more… unless Microsoft releases a new operative system, maybe!

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