Microsoft Trademarks and related brands

Microsoft Trademarks and related brands

Microsoft is a very big and influential company in the field of technology and computing, creating some of the most used software platforms around the world in terms of operating systems, productivity suites, games and more over the years. Like this, Microsoft has become one of the most important enterprises on the planet with no doubt, with a lot of products, solutions and trademarks related. 

In fact, Microsoft provide solutions since decades ago that are focused on the business, home and professional aspect of computing platforms and software, with products that are quite known by their names and symbols. This is thanks to the trademarks related to Microsoft as platforms created by the company with solutions in several fields of entertainment, computing and business.

Trademarks by Microsoft 

In details, Microsoft has created plenty of trademarks for their solutions and products, with the purpose of giving them an own and proper feel, and like this users can relate such trademarks with the product and also with aspects like quality, reliability and stability, along with other characteristics the platform may offer when it has been used in general. 

Specifically, a trademark is a mark or sign that is related to a product or service, as well as with a proper brand. Usually, trademark creators take advantage of attractive designs, colors, lines and other characteristics that must be unique. After a trademark is registered it cannot be used by any other, since it belongs to the company or enterprise that register it. 

Microsoft has a very extensive number of trademarks related to the brand, which include every solution and product sold over the years, and while some are obsolete or belong to discontinued services, there are others that are currently available in the form of operating systems, productivity software, professional solutions and more. 

Some recognizable trademarks that belong to Microsoft

There are some trademarks that are recognizable at first instance that belong to Microsoft. One great example is Windows, since this is the most used operating system for PCs around the world. Other recognizable trademark is Office, as the productivity suite with versions compatible with OS like Mac and Windows. 

However, there are other trademarks that can be a little less known, such as Azure, Visual Studio, Access, OneNote and many others, referring to different available services from Microsoft that in some cases are free, while others involve payment or related charge, especially professional solutions provided by the company.

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