Microsoft Terms of Use: Valuable information to know

Microsoft Terms of Use: Valuable information to know

In order for users to be able to take advantage of Microsoft services in all of their forms respecting software, from operating systems to productivity suites and other professional and business platforms, they must agree with some specific terms and conditions established by the company in first instance, with descriptions and details that are not negotiable and which are included in the Microsoft Terms of Use. 

Specific details about the Microsoft Terms of Use 

The Microsoft Terms of Use, or in many cases known as TOUs are the specific parameters, conditions, situations and exceptions described by the company, in this case Microsoft, respecting the use of every one of their products, platforms and solutions, including Windows, Office, Skype, OneDrive and other more professional and business focused services like Windows Server, Azure, Visual Studio and others. 

Specifically, this document including the Terms of Use by Microsoft is divided into several parts, addressing different parameters involved with the utilization of the platforms and solutions given by the company, for free or purchased. 

It is important to stand out that if these terms of use are not accepted, no Microsoft product subject to these descriptions and parameters can be used. In other words, exceptions, terms and conditions included in the documentation are not negotiable in any way, due to the mandatory nature of the terms and purposes related on their composing by Microsoft in every aspect, in order to protect customers and users in general. 

Sections included in the Microsoft Terms of Use 

The Terms of Use by Microsoft include different sections addressing aspects of service and the conditions, parameters and more. First of all, there is the Acceptance in Terms section that describes the different characteristics and functions of the Terms of Use and the acceptance term. If the document is not accepted by the user, it is not possible to use Microsoft´s solutions. 

Following, every section in the TOUs addresses a different aspect of the utilization, conditions and exceptions of the products and solutions by Microsoft. For instance, personal and non-personal use is described, where it is established that services cannot be used for profit in any way, since these are designed for personal utilization only. 

Other aspects explained are related to privacy, account and password use, prohibited use or the condition of using the service without harming anyone, materials provided by Microsoft and link to third party sites. This is definitely an important document to check when using Microsoft products. 

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