Microsoft Surface Series: computers, laptops and tablets

Microsoft Surface are a set of touch screen computers, laptops and tablets using Microsoft Operating System. They new generation of devices to support different types of users and their needs.

The surface series comprises a set of six devices including hybrid tablets, detachable notebooks, convertible desktops, interactive whiteboard. All these surface devices are all unique in their forms and runs on Windows 10 operating system.


Surface tablets are hybrid type with optional detachable keyboard and stylus pen. Its upgraded version, Surface Go has 4GB RAM, 1800 x 1200 pixel display, maximum of 256 GB hard disk and runs on Pentium Gold processor.

Its ideal for modest use for internet browsing, emails, accessing social media. It has lower speed and may not support high end applications.

Surface Pro 6

Surface Pro 6 the light weight tablet that you can attach a optional keyboard and a stylus pen. It has Intel 8th Gen quad core processor but there is no C type USB port. It comes in matte black color and a good pick for low expense mainstream use.

Surface Laptop

Surface laptop is a notebook with 13.5 inch display running Windows 10 operating system. It has 8th generation Intel processors i5 or i7 with 8 Gb or 16Gb RAM, Intel UHD graphics card and a s maximum storage capacity of 256 GB.

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Surface Studio

Surface Studio is all in one desktop computer running Window 10 with 28 inch Pixel Sense display. It has Intel core i5 or i7 with Nvidia GTX graphics processor, 32 Gb RAM, 2 Tb Storage capacity. It also has USB 3.0 ports, Mini Display port and SDXC card reader. It has high resolution display, high quality build and design.

Surface HUB

The Surface HUB is interactive whiteboard with a large 55 inch or 84 inch display which is ideal for businesses. It can be mounted on wall or roller stand. The screen can display 4K quality video with multi touch and multi pen capabilities to use for collaborating and conferencing.

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