Microsoft Support: get help with Microsoft products

Microsoft is such a huge company today and because of this, they simply don’t have the option of having a live chat support available, but they have created a huge compilation of articles oriented to help you, the user, to find a solution to your problem or simply answers to your questions.

Here you can find help on the following topics:

  • Windows: To help you with any issues or questions related to Windows 10 mostly.
  • Office: To help you find whatever you need to know for your Office Suite.
  • Outlook: For mail related things.
  • Microsoft account: Regarding information and privacy about your personal account for the most part.
  • Xbox: For all things gaming related to the Xbox console.
  • Microsoft Store: Regarding help you fix issues such as not getting a product you paid for on the store, between many others.
  • Surface: For tablets using Windows mostly.
  • OneDrive: Focused on helping you work together with a team solving work stuff, as well as learning to use these cloud services.
  • Skype: To help you fix issues such as Skype not logging in or fixing lost credit or contacts.
  • Microsoft Edge: To improve your experience using the newest Windows browser.
  • Microsoft Teams: This one is specifically oriented for taking classes online and learning for a better way to improve issues as a cooperative team of friends or workers all working for the same goal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a work issue but it could be something different as well such as a learning a new language helping one each other or giving classes between friends with someone playing the teacher role.
  • Hardware Warranty: Here you can get a legal document regarding a warranty you might have available on some of your Microsoft products or to learn the differences between the multiple types of licenses and warranties.

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