Microsoft Solitaire Premium

This is a shopping page, therefore, the top of the page features a link to a shopping cart next to links to other pages on the website. A large heading appears called “Microsoft casual games”. A blue banner appears above the heading offering a sales advertisement for a different product.

A number of available games are listed and a small subheading indicates how many results are shown out of the total number. Each game has a title and a pale blue box containing an image, similar to the image that might appear on the case of a disk version of the game. The image refers to the game itself, such as playing cards for the first game, Microsoft Solitaire Collection. The other games included are bingo, Mahjong, jigsaw, word games, sudoku, Microsoft Minesweeper and a game for Xbox. Each image links to the game itself, such as jigsaw pieces or a bingo ticket.

No further information about each game is given. Underneath each game, a rating of up to five stars is shown. The stars are grey but coloured gold to indicate how high the rating is given. Adjacent to the star rating, a number indicates how much memory size each game requires. For example, Microsoft Solitaire Collection is 725k. The price appears at the bottom of the pale blue box for each game. All of the games currently featured are free.

Clicking on the image of the game will take you to another page which contains more information specific to that particular game. A button here allows you to purchase the game, or “Get” to download the game if it is free, An overview is given with links to system requirements and reviews from other customers.

At the bottom of the page, the full website menu appears in a grey box and there is a blue box for support with the title “Any questions?” Clicking this box brings up a message box for live support. Adjacent to this is a white box with the words “Site Feedback”.

Microsoft Solitaire Premium

    Microsoft Whttps://microsoftcasualgames com/casualsuite/solitaire/freepremium/?referrerID=Full&referrerTicket=&referringApp=Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection&referrerIDIsMCGID=false , www bing comhttps://microsoftcasualgames com/casualsuite/solitaire/freepremium/?referrerid=full&referrerticket=&referringapp=microsoft microsoftsolitairecollection&referreridismcgid=false, Seattlehttps://www microsoftcasualgames com/news/solitaire//?page=1&referrerID=Full&referrerTicket=&referringApp=Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection&referrerIDIsMCGID=false, www bing comhttps://www microsoftcasualgames com/news/solitaire//?page=1&referrerid=full&referrerticket=&referringapp=microsoft microsoftsolitairecollection&referreridismcgid=false

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