Microsoft Services Agreement

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When it comes to Microsoft product and services, there are different terms and conditions in which such solutions can be used properly by costumers, in order to provide best functionality in aspects of security, privacy, content, guarantees, as well as other characteristics involve that are important to be addressed and described in a document, such as the Microsoft Services Agreement. 

With this paper, there are different features that are described in a suitable way for customers to know. Also, the Microsoft Services Agreement is a document to be signed or accepted by the users, in order to be able to take advantage of the platforms provided by the company. Without this consent, such users cannot utilize the Microsoft product in terms of software and hardware. 

General characteristics of the Microsoft Services Agreement 

Being updated on March 1st, 2018 Microsoft has included different clauses and conditions for the use of their products and software by users, in order to establish clearly the descriptions, functions and possibilities of the solutions and how these can be modified and generally used.

The documentation also includes important information about warranties, terms of services, account management and user´s data generated while use of the platform and how this data is utilized by the system and Microsoft. 

In general, the agreement includes clauses about important aspects related to the use of the different solutions provided by the company, such as privacy and content, code of conduct, service availability, service party applications, license, payment and more. 

Specific features about this documentation by Microsoft

Due to the extensive array of services provided by Microsoft and the complexity of the clauses and conditions related to every one of them, the Services Agreement involves descriptions about the use of every platform, including operating systems and services online, as well as software and hardware products released by the company. 

That is why; this paper applies to almost every product related to Microsoft, starting from home solutions like Windows as operating system, Office, Bing, Skype, OneDrive, Outlook and more, as well as business platforms like Windows Server, Azure, Visual Studio and similar platforms. In this way, the company cover every aspect of the conditions and related clauses for a whole set of services and software in one paper. 

The Microsoft Services Agreement is a tool to let users know about what they can do using Microsoft product and what cannot be done, or at least the actions that mean in total annulment of the agreement or uncovered situations.  

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