Microsoft Services Agreement

Microsoft terms and services are usually covering the Microsoft consumer services, websites, and products. When you click Microsoft account, that implies that you have already accepted their terms and services.

You will, therefore, be free to use their various functions by the use of the services after any notification on the change on the use of the terms.

1. Your Privacy

Privacy is beneficial. Therefore, there is a necessity of reading the Microsoft Privacy Statement as it helps in describing the kind of data collected from both you and the device you are using.

In using data, there is the various legal basis which will be needed in the process of processing data. Besides, the privacy statement will be describing how Microsoft is describing content use.

Where the process of processing is based on consent, and also there is a presence of usage of content disclosure on data and content as stated in the privacy statement, you will need surety of safety. In other cases, you will be providing a separate request and notice as it is referenced in the Privacy Statement.

2. Your Content

Most of the services will help in storing and sharing content or receiving materials from many other people. Besides, you will not be claiming the ownership with the content. Therefore, your content will remain to be your content, and consequently, you will also be responsible for it.

Whenever sharing content with other different people, you will end up understanding what they are likely to do based on displaying, sharing, transmitting, broadcasting, reproducing, recording, saving, and using the information.

3. Code of Conduct

When you have agreed on the given terms, you will agree that by use of the service, you will be ready to follow the following rules:

  1. You will not be doing something illegal.
  2. You will not be engaging in any threatening activity, harming and exploiting to harm children.
  3. You will not be sending spam. Spam is unsolicited and unwanted and, therefore, the bulk postings, emails, instant messages, SMS, and contact requests.
  4. Ensure you are not publicly displaying or using the services to share inappropriate content or material.
  5. Never engage in activities that are fraudulent, misleading, or false. Besides, never consider asking for money in pretense as by doing so, you will be impersonating someone different.
  6. Using the Services and Support

By the use of Microsoft account, you will be requiring a Microsoft account with the aim of accessing most of the services. Besides, the Microsoft account will help in the signing of services, websites, and products which have been produced by Microsoft.

When you have a Microsoft account that is being used by a third party, the third-party will end up having additional information and rights on the account you are using.

When the Microsoft account has been created for use by an entity such as employer or business you are representing, you will have the ability to have the legal authority of binding the various objects to the listed terms.


Microsoft services agreement is easy as long as you follow them to the letter. This review must have added some additional information to what you already know. Therefore, follow the information to the letter, and you will enjoy using the Microsoft services agreement.

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