Microsoft Privacy Update

His page lists the changes that have taken place that have an impact on the privacy settings of different products. At the top of the page is a large title called “Change history for Microsoft Privacy Statement”. A blue link beneath the heading takes you back to the privacy statement itself. All changes are listed as statements in bullet-point lists beneath the month they took place. The name of the month is the heading for each section so appears larger and in bold. Each statement is very concise and refers to what information has been added in a general way. The statements in bullet points all follow the same pattern. They are written in full sentences and the name of the product concerned is written in bold. Every statement begins with the name of the product, for example, “In Cortana…”, followed by a brief summary of what has changed. Microsoft refers to themselves as “we” to describe the changes. The statements appear in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Some months have several bullet points while others only one, depending on the activity that has taken place. A solid line divides one month from the next, as well as using the name of the month itself as a large heading for each section. The changes are written in a smaller font. Where there has been more than one change to the same product, a further list is provided. The subsequent list is indented and a different style of bullet -point is used. Scrolling down the page, one can see there are many changes listed. The earliest month referred to is June 2015. At the very bottom of the page, there are some links in grey boxes to other pages on the website. The top of the page has the Microsoft logo in the top, left-hand corner but otherwise, the page has very little further information. Its plain, white background without additional buttons or menus make it look very simple and different to most other pages on the website. Microsoft Privacy Uptadate

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