Microsoft Privacy Statement: Purpose

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Nowadays, if there is an important matter respecting internet and online services is privacy, since more and more users are aware of the risk this matter faces when we use platforms that are internet-based, being actually most of the ones that we use every day. From emails and webpages to messengers that we use every day for communications, social networks and more, privacy is a matter that is involved.

Privacy has now earn the respect and awareness the matter did not have in previous years, where people simply put their data and information online without reading any terms or related conditions, and this was not the ideal. In fact, many online platforms and companies did not design proper privacy terms to protect users┬┤ information. Fortunately, that has changed for the better and Microsoft is an example of it. 

Details respecting the Microsoft Privacy Statement document 

Specifically, the Microsoft Privacy Statement is a document in which the company describes in details how they use the data and information of the users, who log in and open session using the different available provided by the company. 

In this way, users are able to know exactly how their information is going to be utilized by Microsoft, and if they are not agree with the statement and conditions, they simply will not accept them. This is better than not knowing what users are accepting and how their private information is going to be used, since in some cases these is sold or borrowed to third parties. 

So, the intention of Microsoft with the creation and publication of this document is to be clear and offer real information about the procedures related to the collection of user data, how is it used and what is what is not done with it. 

First of all, Microsoft collect data from users not with the intention of invading privacy or anything similar, but simply to obtain information respecting trends and for service and product improvement. In no moment data is sold to third parties for advertising purposes, since the information is collected randomly. This is a very important point for those extremely worried about privacy and Chinese spying. 

Also, the Microsoft Privacy Statement establishes that the users have the right to control and manage hoe their information is being used and deny permission, even being possible to download such data for safety and privacy, since the company know about the critical importance personal information and data have for most users. 

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