Microsoft License Terms: Windows as operating system

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Microsoft is known for being the developer of the most used operating system around the world; we are referring to Windows, which latest version is Windows 10 and all devices combined where the platform is installed easily surpass hundreds of hundreds of millions. 

Now, offering a service and product of this type involves plenty of aspects that must be addressed, from the legal and technical point of view, descriptions and conditions of use, exceptions and more, which in some cases must change between countries due to proper and unique laws these nations have. 

To address and let users know about all of this information, parameters and conditions the company from Redmond offers the Microsoft License Terms documentation, as the one that describes every aspect of use respecting Windows, as a trademark and platform developed by Microsoft under proprietary and close software. 

Details respecting the Microsoft License Terms for Windows 

The purpose of the Microsoft License Terms is to describe and offer the users different aspects, conditions and parameters respecting the use of Windows as operating system for their computers, either they are installed by OEMs or by the users themselves. Like this, Microsoft establish clear characteristics of use in any aspect of the platform. 

From installation to updates, to license, account management, guarantee, support and software modification, all of this behavior is described in the terms and the document makes clear what can be done, what cannot be done and what action is able to void or annul the Microsoft License Terms. This is mostly related when users installed software to activate Windows illegally or similar. 

An important part of this document is the establishment of the user and company as both parts included, along with the statement that Microsoft will be able to receive and transfer personal information for different purposes while using Windows. Privacy is a very important aspect of this document and that is why users should take notice about it if they are using Windows as OS. 

On another part, there are other aspects described in the Microsoft License Terms that are important to stand out, such as the conditions respecting support and guarantee of the platform, exceptions and possible actions that can be covered by costumer service or not. 

Lastly, for users in countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands and others there are laws that differ with the general conditions described, since the document specifically is based in the United States and Canada laws.  

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