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With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft realized that there was a the need to provide a proper, competitive and functional internet browser, since Internet Explorer simple was not enough for users´ needs these days, due to lack of functionalities, stability and the availability of great platforms that simply were better, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and other options. 

Like this, Microsoft design Edge as the ultimate internet browser provided by the company, with a lot of features, great characteristics in terms of optimization and stability and only compatible with Windows 10, since now the software is not a traditional x86 or x64 program but is an reliable app that requires less than half of the resources of other browsers and also is more optimized battery-wise. 

Here are some tips in which you can take advantage of Edge in an easy way, taking advantage of functions and features available built-in the software. 

New features of Edge 

Edge as innovative internet browser for Windows 10 and designed by Microsoft offers plenty of features. For example, at the top of the screen there is an option bar you quickly can get to stuff with no effort, like accessing bookmarks, downloads and even take notes on the different browsed pages. 

Also, by pressing a button you can easily stop playing videos and even do so automatically, as well as customize the experience by downloading different themes that can be applied. It is always more comfortable to use a dark mode when working at night, since there is less white light while reading that affect the eyes less than with normal use or lighted theme. 

Stay productive, organized and safe with Edge 

Edge offers valuable tips to stay organized and keep up the good work. There is an option that allow you to fill forms and registrations with just one click, since the browsers knows when to move cursor to other space and keep on writing, saving time and making easier the process to enter information on forms. 

And for those that perform specialized functions with Edge as browser, it now offers extensions to carry out powerful tasks related to recognizable platform like Pinterest or e-commerce brands like Amazon. 

With Edge you will be a save online all the time, since webpages permissions can be manage by you. Also, Flash technology is used only when necessary for long battery life and safer utility. Annoying pop-ups are also in control with Edge for Windows 10, becoming a competitive and safe internet browser. 

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