Microsoft Edge Tips: get to know all its new features

Microsoft Edge is new browser from Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. It comes with Windows 10 installation with new interface and lot of new features which are innovative and fun. It helps you to increase your productivity in browsing, stay organised and safe. In the sections below, you can find Microsoft Edge tips and their benefits to you.

Improve your productivity

With the new Microsoft Edge browser, you can increase your productivity with features that are tuned to quick access, remove clutter and automation. You can stop videos from playing by setting up.
You can set up focus area to any region by narrowing your view area for avoiding unwanted pop ups, ads etc. You can look up meaning for words with a simple highlight. A popup displays its meaning and its related synonyms.

It allows you to high light a text on a PDF documents to refer later, using any color of your choice for marking. You can add notes to the marked text.

Microsoft Edge can even save your name, credit card details, address and other info. You need not enter again and again and you can use this save data to fill forms in automatic way.

You can have customized themes, text read out, customize extensions, use laptop touch pad as screens, use mouse gestures on browser tabs. Apart from these, there are lot of features you can explore and enjoy its benefits.

Stay organized

The new Microsoft Edge has features to help you stay organized by reducing your access time, saving your favorite sites, easy book marks.

You can customize to select the list of tools you use frequently. It gets added to toolbar at the top for your quick access.

You can save a list of your favorite browsed tabs for later use. You can search to get these saved tabs anytime later.

You can also mark your favorite website to Windows Taskbar for frequent access.

It allows you to pin browser tabs at the same place every time you open them in Microsoft Edge browser.
You can configure to store your top viewing sites whenever you open a new tab in Microsoft edge.

Stay Safe

Microsoft Edge is designed for utmost safety. You can control the website permissions, get rid of pesky pop ups and also have a private browsing,

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