How do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge?

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Using the internet these days is a normal thing today, being the easiest and most extended way to find and information and also to stay connected and be able to communicate with relatives and friends, no matter where they are. 

Now, in order to do that, we are in the need of using an internet browser to access the information and be able to load the webpages. In the case of Microsoft, Edge is the option provided by the company as advanced and reliable platform for accessing cyberspace, very fast and secure. 

However, many users have the logic question: How do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft Edge? In terms of safety and privacy matters, these are queries that are valuable of being answered, in order to enjoy of the safer internet surfing experience.

Microsoft Edge and security features 

In details, Edge is the internet browser introduced by Microsoft with Windows 10 in 2015, with great features in terms of speed, reliability and of course, security and privacy. In this way, Edge users are able to browse the web without any significant risk, as a huge advantage since the possibility online to be affected by malware like adware, spyware, ransomware and others are always present. 

Now, since this risk of being harmed by malware is something to take into account every time we use cyberspace, it is important to know that Edge is built-in with exclusive features and functions, which allow users to know when to trust a website we are in and when not to trust it, due to the possibility of the presence respecting malware that may harm our computer and private information. 

Signs to trust a website while we are using Edge 

There are different signs to know if we can trust a website using Edge. First of all, the browser marks as “Secure” a website built in HTTPS, and this means that every other page designed under HTTP or the traditional protocol is marked as “Not safe”, since they are vulnerable to attacks and malware in any of its forms. 

As another sign, the lock symbol on the address bar is the immediate mark that tell us we are in a safe page, since this means the Website Authenticity Certificate is on a protecting the website and information from attacks, due to a strong encryption. In this way, users can easily know when they are accessing a safe webpage and when not.

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