Microsoft Docs: Documentation for end users and professionals

Microsoft Docs: Documentation for end users and professionals

At present time, Microsoft as a company offer plenty of products, solutions and services that are focused on the business, home and professional market. From Windows to Office to specialized platforms like Azure and Visual Studio, there is software almost for every need users might have and functions related, with a general or specific approach. 

Of course, the great set of services and products provided by the company involve more or less complexity respecting the software offered, functions and purpose. Depending on the case, there is a possibility users may be in the need of support and help to use such products. 

For this reason, the company has created a website to find help and resources respecting every software and platform, which is the Microsoft Docs. We will be explaining how this site works and specific purposes it has to help and support users and professionals in general. 

The purpose of Microsoft Docs 

In definition, Microsoft Docs is the platform and website in which the company offer a diverse set of resources and content to help and support users respecting almost any product released, whether it has home, business and professional approach. 

The support is offered by providing downloadable materials and content in general, along with quick starts, examples, tutorials and other type of documentation that may help users to solve different problems respecting the use of platforms provided by Microsoft, starting from Windows to specialized and professional platforms like Visual Studio and .NET. 

This type of platform is designed to help users in the wide spectrum of customers the company have. For example, there is content for end-users respecting home platform like Office, and resources specifically included to be downloaded by developers and IT professionals, with a more specialized approach, with content that has as purposes to make things easers for customers. 

Platforms included in Microsoft Docs and how to access it 

Microsoft Docs includes almost, if not all of the platforms and products released by the company that are still up and running, with resources and content that make possible to solve issues, learn about advanced functions and more. For example, there are resources for Windows, Azure, Office, SQL, Visual Studio, .NET, C++ and many more. 

On another part, in order to access the Microsoft Docs platform and obtain functional and useful downloads is very simple, just visit the URL address on the preferred browser, and in this way the content will be available. 

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