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Microsoft Docs is the main Microsoft page for technical documentation about different Microsoft related products.

Their main purpose of this webpage is to help developers and IT professionals to find the information they need for their tasks and works.

microsoft docs

We can see here a list with the different products:

  • Windows: Lots of information about the possibilities for developers in the Microsoft´s operative system, such as creating apps, games or artificial intelligence software.Azure: For a lot of different types of cloud services, mostly oriented for professionals as well, rather than the average user.
  • Visual Studio: A great tool for developing multiple types of software, allowing you to code and create apps and programs for any operative system out there whether it´s Windows, MacOS or some Linux distribution.
  • Microsoft Office: Documentation about the most widely known office suite in the world.
  • Microsoft 365 Documentation: Microsoft 365 is a so called intelligent solution, which offers Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise properties such as Mobility and Security.
  • Net and ASP.Net: Both of these documentations are oriented to cover programming of web applications.
  • SQL: One of the most commonly used technologies today for the creation and use of databases.
  • Microsoft Surface: Aimed at graphic design as well as tablet drawing.
  • Dynamics 365: Cloud software oriented to change the average business of today, making it available online everywhere you or your enterprise needs to be.
  • Xamarin: With this tool you can code and program lots of different types of applications that will work on Android and iOS cross-platform.
  • AzureDevOps: A great compilation for developers of different tools to help them in their work, such as free private Git repositories, and extensive automated tasks.
  • System Center Docs: For server owners and administrators mostly, but anyone who is curious to learn about it really!
  • PowerShell: Tutorials and different ways to use the Microsoft’s PowerShell, similar to a command prompt but with way more advanced functions and possibilities.
  • Microsoft Graph: For developing apps that often deal with lots of customers, or big organizations.
  • Microsoft Education: Teaching Microsoft products on schools and showing the students how to deploy different types of product installations.
  • Gaming: To learn how to create an infrastructure to create an online video game the best way you can, mostly oriented for XBox consoles.

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