Microsoft Developer 3D Partners: Groundbreaking companies

Microsoft Developer 3D Partners: Groundbreaking companies

At present time there are a few technologies that with no doubt will be the future when they get more cheap, developed, practical and functional. For example, 3D printing is definitely one of these technologies and Microsoft knows it. 

Because of this, the company has made an alliance with several developers of this technology as a step to the future available today, thanks to Windows 10 as main base for this to happen. This partnership involves plenty of groundbreaking companies specialized in the field, as it will be explained for better understanding. 

3D printing as the future by the hand of Microsoft 

3D printing is the technology that allows to print object in three dimensions easily, in smaller or large scale. Now, the deal of this possibility and technology is that is becoming more and more practical, cheaper and for home use, as something that years ago was not possible, not even by coincidence from the hardware and software perspective. 

Currently, there are plenty of companies that are specialized in 3D printing that already offer lines of product, depending on the use and needs of the customers and the purposes of purchasing the machine. Some of these companies are the ones Microsoft have team up, in order to develop a more functional and useful printing platform. 

Having the hardware, this is where Windows 10 becomes the software for that partnership becomes a reality, from the technical and computing point of view that will allow Microsoft and the 3D companies to work together, bringing the technology to the homes of people in general, just like it happened with personal computers decades ago. 

Knowing more about the 3D partners companies 

From the biggest to the smallest printers, specialized companies in 3D printing that have team up with Microsoft offer the perfect lines of product for every users and their specific needs, addressing the simplest to the more complex projects. 

This partnership involves known companies in the segment that are absolute leaders, such as XYZ Printing with its DaVinci lineup, the Monoprice brand, PrintrBot with the Simple, Play and Plus models, as well as other companies like Dremel and Prusa. 

More and more enterprises specialized in the segment of 3D printing are joining to the Microsoft Developer 3D Partner project, due to the influence it will have in the future of the industry in general and the name of Microsoft, Windows 10 as base platform and the technical resources of the companies involved, becoming a groundbreaking platform for the future.   

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