Microsoft Contact Page: Characteristics

Microsoft Contact Page: Characteristics

Microsoft is company that offers a quite extensive array of services, from software like operating systems for business and home use, to productivity suite and professional platforms like Azure and Visual Studio. All of these are services are designed and provided by the company from Redmond and obviously are related to certain functions and tasks that may seem a little bit complex. That is why there is the Microsoft Contact Page. 

In this way, support is guaranteed respecting the use of these services and software, which in many cases is necessary and logic to be offered, due to the many users that take advantage of the programs designed by Microsoft, as easy as these platforms are designed to be used and intuitive as they are in first instance. That is the function of the Microsoft Contact Page. 

What is the Microsoft Contact Page? 

In definition, the Microsoft Contact Page is the platform in which users will be able to ask for support and help respecting any Microsoft product or service, starting from Windows as operating system, including Office and Skype and more professional platforms like Windows Server, Azure or .Net, among others. 

More specifically, in this case the assistance respecting Microsoft products is provided automatically, with the support of AI or artificial intelligence, as well as bots that are able to understand users, their doubts and the way to provide different solutions and alternatives, or simply the offering of other resources, documentation or the need to contact a human service supporter if that is the case. 

How to use the Microsoft Contact Page 

Accessing and using the Microsoft Contact Page is very simple. First, the user just have to enter this URL address using the preferred browser, wait for the platform to load and then just click on the “Get Started” button. 

In this way, a new pop-up window will be available asking to perform a consultation. Like this, the user can type information about the problem and the bot will reply, whether offering solutions and documents or resources, as well as online pages or the possibility to talk with a human operator if the case requires it. 

On this page there are also other support options respecting other services of the company, such as Business, IT and developer, general help in relation to the Microsoft Store and the Disability Answer Deck, which has been designed to offer help and support for people with different disabilities. 

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