Promoting products and services with Microsoft Advertising

Promoting products and services with Microsoft Advertising

Advertising is definitely one of the pillars of the internet, since it is the way in which platforms are able to monetize their services and provide them free, while at the same time businesses, corporations and companies can sell their product to bigger and more specific audiences. All of these purposes and processes can be done with specialized promoting platforms as Microsoft Advertising, by the hand of Bing. 

Bing is the search engine provided by Microsoft and it is the base of the their comprehensive advertising platform, which allows from small companies to the biggest corporations to reach as many customers as possible, taking their interests and intentions into account to create more impact and improve the marketing purposes.

The purpose of Microsoft Advertising 

To begin with, the Microsoft Advertising service is a platform in which companies and enterprises can promote their product and business to specific and general audiences, with the help of Bing as search engine that has access to users´ information and data, acting as leverage and getting the power and utility out of it to provide a better experience and marketing strategy to customers around the world. 

The main characteristic in relation to the Microsoft Advertising platform is that is based on Bing; the Microsoft´s search engine that include more than 100 million searchers, over 6 billion views and having almost 40 percent in market share respecting searches only in the United States, which are not small numbers at all and are very interesting for the marketing purpose of the Microsoft Advertising platform. 

Features and new possibilities thanks to Microsoft Advertising 

Thanks to Bing and the information generated and obtained by the users on it, the Microsoft Advertising platform is able to get the most of it, in order to provide a more focused marketing, respecting industries, products and users´ interests to offer ads that are actually valuable and interesting to them. This is achieved through the use of different protocols and technologies that include artificial intelligence. 

Microsoft Advertising is a powerful platform that can be considered as a network, in which companies can reach customers and mobile audiences though social media campaigns, taking advantage of followers and fans the brand has. 

Also, with the platform companies can take a local or global approach to compete with others, depending on the interests of the business. Also, it is easy to import ads configurations previously designed in Google directly to Bing and Microsoft Advertising, avoiding to perform this process all over again. 

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