The professional community of Linkedin

The professional community of Linkedin

Having a good job that allows to have great remuneration and earnings, good environment and one that actually let to apply knowledge for what people prepare in first place is the key purposes respecting almost anyone when finding work. Now, this type of dream job with all of these characteristics seems really hard to find, but with platforms like Linkedin this might be a little easier. 

Thanks to the internet there are great communities that can support each other and accomplish amazing things, and one of them is the professional people around the world that are looking for to change the world with their knowledge, and this is where Linkedin comes in as the social platform that is able to gather this community of hirers and professional, all in one place. 

What is Linkedin? 

Specifically, Linkedin is a social community in which professionals and enterprises can gather and get in touch with each other, in order to offer and apply for jobs that meet with the skills future workers actually have.

With Linkedin, companies can offer available jobs and positions, while in the same way professional can offer their services. Starting in 2002, this social community has now millions of users and has been able to meet people from around the world, since the platform is completely online. 

In 2016, due to the success of Linkedin as social and professional platform, Microsoft decided to buy the service for more than 25 billion dollars, which is not a small number in any way, being aware of the potential in the future. 

Great possibilities with Linkedin 

Linkedin allows professional to find jobs in the areas where they are actual prepared and have the skills to stand out, including industries, niches, practices, sciences and disciplines of all sorts. The platform has a built-in search bar powered by Bing, which can be used to find job offers in specific industries. From sales to engineering, practices available are very wide. 

Of course, using the platform it is also possible to offer skills and knowledge to perform different tasks and jobs independently, and interested companies and people in general may contact you, being perfect for freelancers who are eager to prove their potential out there, all thanks to the internet. In fact, to use Linkedin is very important to sign up first to obtain all the benefits from the platform. 

Thoroughly, Linkedin is more than a place to find job, since it is also an education and support platform that allow to obtain knowledge en many areas, thanks to online courses. 

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