How to watch non-available and deleted Youtube videos

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As the most famous platform of its style, Youtube has hundreds of thousands of videos waiting for you in its’ website, app or whatever you want to watch them.

But what about those old, deleted or non-available videos you one time saw and can’t find again? It’d be a pity to lose them and not be able to watch them again.

We have solution for you that will definitely work for you. It’s called Wayback Machine, website that shows old snaps -from 1996 to the date!- of many different URLs.

In particular for YouTube videos, you will be able to watch them from there. Here are a few examples, but you can try with all the links you want to by inserting it on the top of its website.

Of course, if you want to check a website that still exists to the day you can always see how it looked years ago.

Try the Wayback Archive!

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