Bing Videos: The multimedia platform by Microsoft

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Videos and multimedia content are of the main reasons why users and people in general spend time on the internet, since there are plenty of platforms and webpages in which is possible to enjoy videos and more, completely free. This is only increasing due to the tendency about using mobile devices that make easier and better to enjoy content like movies and multimedia material. 

Being Microsoft aware of that, and having the technology through its official search engine available online, the company is offering a multimedia platform to search and enjoy of video content and more, with a click of a button and taking content all from all over the web in just one second. We are talking about the Bing Videos platform. 

What is Bing Videos? 

Bing is the search engine designed and offered by Microsoft through which people online are able to find any sort of information on webpages and other platform, by just entering some keywords to perform the search. 

Knowing this, and due to the interest many people have on consuming multimedia content and videos in direct comparison to written text, the search engine includes a specific section called Bing Videos, having a very specific purpose respecting search results. 

With Bing Videos, users are able to find results about entered queries and keywords that only include video and multimedia content, being the preferred way for many of them to consume news and other materials online, being more entertaining and taking advantage of mobile devices with large screens and high resolutions. 

Also, many people looks for video results at platform like Bing when they need to learn something, such as tutorials and DIY content, being perfect and a lot a more suitable than simply following steps on a guide. This is the power of videos and why Bing includes a section to search for them easily.

How to access and use the Bing Videos platform 

Accessing the Bing Videos platform is actually very simple. By entering the URL address the platform will be loaded in no time. Then, to start using the Videos section users just have to click on the “Videos” tab placed at the top left part of the layout. 

In this way, the search bar will now be ready to search for video content and similar, by entering the keywords just like it happens with the regular webpage search, but in this case multimedia files will be the only ones indexed.

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