Hello World

A firm that builds brand loyalty through digital experiences, Hello World offers digital promotional services that involve the creation of customer engagement strategies and immersive campaigns. The company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merkle, provides the whole range of services for people-based marketing and digital CRM. These include:

  1. Strategic consulting: The new-age marketing firm brings to the table 20 years of customer engagement experience. They combine it with tried and tested methodologies and craft strategies for:

•New marketing initiatives.

•Existing marketing programs.

•On-going marketing campaigns.

•Future marketing approaches.

  1. Insights through data analytics: The Company offers tangible marketing results by using data analytics to understand and measure the performance of your marketing tactics. This information is turned into actionable recommendations aimed at:

•Developing future road maps.

•Reviewing KPIs.

•Creating customized dashboards.

•Experimenting with new designs.

  1. Creating the digital experience: Once Hello World gets a complete understanding of your digital marketing needs, they go about creating an unforgettable consumer experience for your clients. For this, they bring together the expertise of visual artists, content creators, experience architects and strategic marketers. This step involves:

•Designing program concepts.

•Creating UX design based on research.

•Developing content strategy.

•Designing cross channel user interface.

•Creating animations, logos, style guides, motion graphics, print works and more.

  1. The legal side: Because Hello World is a full-service provider, the company also offers support on the legal front. The company helps to ensure that your campaign is fully compliant and your brand assets are legally protected. Their legal services can be availed through a package deal as well as on their own.
  2. Sit back and enjoy: The best part of employing the services of Hello World is that the company is with you every step of the way through your digital marketing and customer engagement journey. Unlike other firms, this company not only handles the campaign creation part but also tackles after-campaign mechanics. Whether it’s the selection and procurement of rewards or eligibility validation or even sending out a confirmation to the winners, Hello World has you covered for all of these and more.

In addition, the firm also handles documentation, customer care after the campaign and everything else that goes into the creation, execution, management and completion of your marketing initiative.

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