Google Policies: Privacy and terms

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Google is definitely one, if not the biggest internet company on the planet, with an extensive set of services and products that can be used for free, being a great example the search engine that made the enterprise famous, which is utilized all over the world by millions to look for information and solve queries of different sorts and types. 

Now, due to the influence and impact Google has in the internet and technology industry in general, it is not surprising that there are some terms and conditions related, involving characteristics and descriptions on how users can take advantage of every platform, including exceptions as well and legal information to consider. 

In the next section we are going to be talking about the Google policies and related privacy and terms involve in every platform provided by the company, as important documentation that users must be aware of their existence for prior and later checking. 

Google´s privacy policy respecting provided services 

First of all, Google as a company manages two types of regulations and conditions: privacy policies and terms of use or TOS. So, the privacy policy is the detailed documentation that tell the user how their private and personal information is managed. For the sake of their safety and the company´s as well. 

The privacy policy includes information about how data generated by users and their account are used to improve Google´s services in the whole sense of the word. Therefore, in the document the company explains how and which type of information is collected and used, for marketing and improving purposes and more. 

In other words, users trust their personal and confidential information to Google, and the company acquires the responsibility to take care and keep this information safe, even at the moment of being shared to third-parties. 

Google´s Terms of Service or TOS

On the other hand, the TOS or terms of service created by Google is the document that describes exceptions, characteristics and conditions of use of every one of their platform, and the acceptance of such users respecting how Google will manage and use the generated information on every service. 

In order to use all of Google´s services, mandatorily users must accept the terms of service, giving the company permission on everything that is written there, as well as making sure of meeting the conditions and exceptions described, regarding how can they be used and how cannot be used according to such description in the TOS document.

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