Forgotten password – Microsoft

If you ever find your self unable to log into your Microsoft account, it could be due to a couple different reasons.

Most common ones are two-step verification turned on, you travelling and being geo blocked, you using a new device or a forgotten password.

Here we will be explaining how to solve the problem of a forgotten password, but the first step is to make sure the problem is not input error.

  1. Check that your Caps Lock is turned off, and make sure that your e-mail is correct.
  2.  Try logging in after clearing your browser history, or through a different browser.

In case neither of those options make a different, follow these steps to reset your Microsoft password:

  1. Go to the account recovery page at “”
  2. Input your username and select your email, filling in the missing part.
  3. Once you’ve done that, press the Get code button, and check your email, the one you used for the Microsoft for a code you’ve recieved
  4. Enter the code sent to your e-mail address
  5.  Enter the new password, making use of uppercase and lowercase characters

In case you had problems receiving the code click the “I didn’t get a code” option instead of inputting the mail. There will likely be a personalized security questionnaire, wherein you’ll be asked for info like your birthdate, card details or subject lines of recent emails. In answering those questions you don’t have to be completely accurate since there is a human review that needs to happen before you regain your access.
It is possible you will get a 30-day waiting period before your account is recovered, as a security measure by Microsoft.

In that case you will have to wait the month for the account and there is no way around that, for you security.

Keep in mind, it is more likely that waiting periods and similar will happen in case you are travelling or on a new device.

Forgotten password – Microsoft


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