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With no doubt, the main use we are going to give a computer has to do with an internet connection, since in order to browse the web or check information online we mandatorily need to be connected and online. That is why; having connectivity issues is usually a pain in the both for every user that has to deal with this situation when a computer or device does not want to connect. 

Nevertheless, in some cases the most concerning thing about not having a connection is not getting access to internet per se, but the many things that has to be checked in order to know what is that is causing the problem, since there might be many functions and related issues involved.

Now, it is not as complicated as it may seem, and therefore in the next section will be shown general and specific steps to fix connection issues on Windows 10, starting from the most basic procedures to those that are more complex, but all having the purpose of making the affected device to recover internet connectivity and access again. 

Easy steps to recover internet connection on Windows 10 

In many cases, when a Windows 10-based computer is not connecting to the internet in a proper way, the issue is related to simple problems that can be fixed almost instantly. First of all, actual WIFI or wired connectivity must be checked that is up and running, since it might be a problem with the connection or internet service provider. 

So, to discard all of these scenarios users must check every connection to the computer and the modem and router. Resetting these devices is also recommended and also to check if the computer that is not connecting has the WIFI switch on. If this is not the case, press the FN Key+F12 and the wireless internet adapter should be running a few seconds later. 

The last of the simple steps to fix connection on Windows 10 computers is to locate the device closer to the wireless routers, and also to make sure that the PC or laptop is not on Airplane mode. 

More complex processes to fix connection issues 

If the previous steps do not fix the problem, it is possible that there is an issue with the WIFI driver adapter or and inconvenient with the internet physical card. To discard the possible issues, it is recommended to reinstall drivers, as well as run the default connection troubleshooter in Windows 10 for best guidance.

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