How to reinstall Bluetooth driver


Bluetooth is an important function in Windows-based PCs and laptops, since like this users can connect other devices to the computer wirelessly and exchange files like photos, documents, videos and other types of files in a very easy way. 

However, this is not the only function that is available to use respecting Bluetooth. For example, through it the users can connect speakers and headphones with no wires at all, and send sound and listen to music in a very comfortable way that does not mean in great power consumption or decreasing in sound quality. 

Now, for Bluetooth adapters and related hardware to work properly on the computer and provide connectivity, there must be present the proper drivers on the operating system, as the software that allow the Bluetooth hardware to be recognized and on by the OS and the devices. 

If such adapter´s drivers are not installed or present on the computer, Bluetooth will not work and is possible that the function will not even appear in Windows. If this is the case, unfortunately there is the need to install the drivers all over again. This is how to reinstall Bluetooth driver following an easy process. 

Steps to reinstall the Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10 

In case the Bluetooth functionality is not working properly on a computer using Windows 10, the best way to fix the problem is reinstalling the Bluetooth driver, since usually this is the most common characteristic respecting this problem. 

Before reinstalling the drivers, it is valuable to know that they can present this issue due to many causes. For example, inappropriate shutdown or bad installing of new drivers can end up causing this malfunction. Fortunately, this is fixable and by following the next few steps connectivity will be back to exchange files between devices. 

To begin with, by knowing the manufacturer and the model of the computer or laptop, the user must search for the drivers corresponding to their device and download them for installation, which are frequently available in the manufacturer´s official website. When the drivers have been downloaded, the next natural step is to install them. 

To do so, click on Start and write the words “Device Manager” and press Enter on the keyboard. Then, go to the tab “Bluetooth adapters” and right-click on “Bluetooth”, in this way will appear a menu where the option “Uninstall” is available. By clicking on them the driver will be uninstalled. The rest is installing the downloaded driver from the manufacturer´s website and should work properly. 

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