Get lots of photos and images searching on Bing [HOW-TO]

Bing Images is one of the most widely used webpages for searching any type of images.

It works in a very similar way to Google Images, but often here on Bing Images you will find useful content that you would not find on Google Images.

You can quickly find the resolution of one of the images shown by passing the mouse over the image.

This will also show you the format of the image you are looking at, such as JPG or PNG.

The type of image format could be specially useful if you are planning to use some software on the image, for example image editing software, since in some cases the software will be compatible for one image format but not compatible for the other one.

Bing Images filters

It has a filter option located at the right top of the page, and if we click on it we will see a bar appear with different things to specifically look for:

  • Size of the images: This allows us to look for small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Also we can look for a specific custom size, so if you need a specific 800×600 px image for a logo, you can list images only with that image size.
  • Colour: With this function we can look for images which have a predominant colour. For example, if you like red cars you can look for only red cars with this tool!
  • Type of Image: You can use this filter option to look only for photographs, art or even animated GIFs, among other options.
  • Layout: If you are looking for a horizontal banner, a vertical banner… this is your tool! You can look for square, wide and tall.
  • People: You can look for images only based on real people, and further select if you look for face images or head and shoulders as well.
  • Date: Going from the last 24 hours to the last entire year.
  • License: This is interesting if you are planning to use these images for commercial purposes for example, you would look for free to share and use commercially or maybe free to share & modify and use commercially.

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