About Mobile Plans app for Windows

What is the Mobile Plans app? This is a question that you might be asking yourself especially when you have the updated version of windows 10. Granted, I was a little confused once I discovered it on my PC that runs on Windows 10 Fall Creators.

After researching on several forums, platforms, and resources, I have a clear understanding of the Mobile Plans app, its features, and intended purpose. This article about the Mobile Plans app for windows should help you get a clear picture of this application, its use, and why it just might be what you needed and didn’t even know.

Mobile Plans app introduction

You most probably know that the Mobile Plans app is free to windows users and was designed by Microsoft. It’s an application that lets you view cellular data plans that are within your area and you can proceed to connect to those networks.

This application is practical to me in the sense that you could easily buy data plans from the windows store once you identify and connect to a cellular data plan in your location.

According to Microsoft, users of the Mobile Plans app can easily get connected to paid Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks within their location.

All you need to do is connect to one of the networks and purchase a suitable data plan. Once you understand how the Mobile Plans app works, we can move forward to analyze why it is useful.

How Mobile Plans app is useful

Not everyone has access to free Wi-Fi and therefore connecting to the internet can be rather difficult. Also, remember that as human beings we are bound to switch locations from time to time, and you just might find yourself in an area with no access to free Wi-Fi.

Look at how frequently you go online to perform various activities including shopping, studying, and entertainment. Nowadays, almost everything is done online and you need the internet.

The Mobile Plans apps was therefore created to ensure that access to the internet is made possible to everyone. Since it is a free application, users have zero restrictions and get unlimited access once they purchase the data bundle they need to use.

Mobile Plans app disadvantage

Yes, the Mobile Plans app is quite practical but you need to keep in mind that not all Windows users need additional Wi-Fi or cellular data plans. Some users simply don’t see the need of buying cellular data plans making this app useless to them.

Another downfall is the fact that you need a cellular modem to ensure the Mobile Plans app works effectively.

However, most Windows 10 devices don’t have the cellular modems making this application ineffective to most users. Installing cellular modems is not practical to most consumers and, therefore, not everyone finds it worth the hassle.

Remember that not all areas and countries have cellular data plans for individuals to buy. This application is therefore impractical in such areas simply because there are no paid Wi-Fi or cellular networks for one to connect.


It is projected that the Mobile Plans app will gain popularity soon despite its downfalls. Should you want detailed information or further clarity, then consider visiting the different online forums on the Mobile Plans app.


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