About ESRB rating guide

Consumers must understand everything about a particular app or game before making any purchases. The ESRB rating guide provides all the relevant information concerning a particular game or app that is installed on your device or purchased.

If you are not certain of what the ESRB rating guide is, then open the Microsoft Store and click on any application. Once you click on the app, you will come across an ESRB rating board.

Not everyone understands how the content is rated, but the most important aspect is that you get to know all the information concerning the app or game with just a simple glance. The ESRB rating board will help you determine whether the particular game or app is appropriate for certain age groups.

Everything you need to know about the ESRB Rating guide

The ESRB rating guide has three essential parts that you need to understand. These three parts include interactive elements, rating categories, and content descriptors. In this article, we will go further to break down the three parts to ensure you completely understand every one of them.

1. Rating categories

On the left side of the ESRB rating board is what is known as a rating category. This usually indicates the appropriate age group a game or app is suitable for. The rating categories include Everyone 10+, Adults only 18+, Teen, Mature 17+, Everyone, Teen, and Rating pending.

The different categories help you to determine whether or not a game or app is suitable for all the family members. The rating categories also help parents and guardians decide whether or not they need to monitor the use of a particular game or app around the younger family members.

2. Content descriptors

Once you have identified the rating category, the content descriptors give you brief reasons as to why a particular game or app was rated as such. The content descriptors will contain different information depending on the rating given.

Some examples of content descriptors include the following: Drug Reference, Sexual Content, Comic Mischief, Blood, Partial Nudity, Intense Violence, and Simulated Gambling.

The complete listing of all the reasons why a game or app has a particular rating will not be given. Only a few important content descriptors will be provided depending on the rating category the app or game is given.

3. Interactive elements

This part of the ESRB rating board simply shows interactive or online features included in the game or app. Online or interactive features include sharing user location, communication, and in-app purchases.

These interactive elements are normally written at the bottom of the ESRB rating board and are equally important. Some apps and games have unrestricted internet access making it important to have parental supervision when being used by children.


The ESRB rating guide is undoubtedly important especially when you have a huge family that includes younger members. You must expose them to age-appropriate apps and games only. The ESRB rating guide ensures that you can rest easy knowing that the kids are not exposed to any inappropriate material.


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