How to change privacy settings on Windows 10

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For most users, privacy online is a very important and delicate matter, since on the internet personal information and data can be at risk or being used in a way we do not know or we do not want it to be used. This may happen in different platforms, such as operating systems, installed software and online solutions available in the form of websites. 

Be that as it may, risks respecting privacy and personal information are aspects to consider when we are surfing the web or taking advantage of different software. Fortunately, one way to solve this is by changing settings and modifying parameters in the platform to be used. 

Microsoft is a company that is aware of the importance of privacy respecting all of its users. That is why; changing parameters and configurations regarding this matter is possible, and in the next section we will be showing you how to change privacy settings on Windows 10. 

Strengthening privacy in Windows 10 

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, and in this opportunity the company decided to integrate important privacy changes, and the possibility for users to modify the parameters respecting this aspect and how their information is used. In prior operating systems by Microsoft this was not a possibility. 

In this way, Windows 10 users will be able to select privacy parameters at their best convenience, especially when in the Windows-based device critical data is being managed and means a worry for users.

To meet this goal for users to manage their private information and how Windows uses it for different purposes, Microsoft included options in the general settings that make easier for customers to apply them, and choose and change parameters the way they need in relation to apps and general software running on the machine, as well as the OS specifically.

Changing privacy settings on Windows 10

The process of changing privacy settings on Windows 10 is very simple. To do so, just click on the Start menu, then click on Settings and then select the option Privacy. In this way, you can change the parameters respecting the apps and how these and the OS in general access the personal information. 

In fact, in this section is possible to prevent or allow an app to have access to contact list and other information, which is critical for some users to protect, avoiding security risks and more.

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