1 Microsoft Way: what is it?

1 Microsoft Way is the corporate headquarter of Microsoft. The headquarter is located in Redmond, Washington. Its physical address is One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, United States.

The building complex has several buildings which offer workspace for various employees at the headquarters. Microsoft is company which has a global outreach. They have several facilities which are used in product development among other activities of the company.

As a way of making it easy for the employees to access enough space where they can carry out product development among other processes, the company took time to develop enough working space for the employees.

It is a company which is known to be on the forefront in the development of new technologies. You will find the company offering a wide range of services.

1 Microsoft Way location

The company headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington. Several building complexes are erected as a way of serving the customers across the globe.

The area is well connected to road networks as a way of making it easy for the many employees at the headquarters to get into their work place and leave easily. Over the years in which Microsoft has been in operation, they have grown to become top service providers.

The company has taken initiatives to introduce different products to the market. Several activities are carried out at the company on a daily basis.

It is an area which has seen rapid development over the years in which the company has been in operation.

1 Microsoft Way establishment

The complex was established in 1986. After it was established, it has grown over the years to serve people from different parts of the world. They are among few companies which have been growing over the years.

The wide range of products offered by Microsoft make them among top service providers in the industry. At first, the location was not developed; they took time to develop the establishment.

There are several architectural changes which have been incorporated over the years to make the place stand out. It is among the best places where you can work and get to develop your skills.

Transportation services at 1 Microsoft Way

There is good road network which allows easy access by buses. The buses connect the location to nearby Seattle. There was a bypass which was developed to ease traffic congestion. Working at the headquarters has been made easy due to the several developments which have been incorporated over the years.

Shopping center

Workers at the complex can easily get items from nearby shopping centers. The commons shopping mall was developed as a way of making it easy for visitors and the workers to get access to different items they may need in their daily life.

The complex is fully developed to make it easy for people to enjoy the best working environment. Apart from shopping, tis i also easy for people to get recreational services, a soccer field nearby allow those who would like to exercise do so. It is a neighborhood which has been developed to make it easy for people to enjoy their work place.

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